About Us

We are a Chicago-based company, that has been meeting the growing demand for authentic, traditional Mexican corn products since 1970. El Ranchero has become one of the leading companies in its category, by offering products that are exceptional in quality and taste, responding to the demands and palates of our customers, and creating new and innovative products for the markets we serve.

Our products can be consumed alone or accompanying traditional Mexican cuisine. El Ranchero products can be purchase at small grocery stores, as well as the largest supermarkets and retail chains, including Walmart, Jewel, Mariano’s, Tony’s Fresh Market, Pete’s Market, Cermak Produce, Carnicerias Jimenez, El Guero, Fiesta Market, and others.

Our mission is to offer the most authentic and delicious Mexican products to everyone who enjoys Mexican cuisine and snacks. This can only be achieved by consistently maintaining the highest quality, using the best ingredients, and delivering the best taste in the market.

El Ranchero Food Products is part of the Authentico Food Brands, which includes La Guadalupana, a Mexican food manufacturing company that specializes in fresh masa for tamales, cooked tamales, sopes, corn for pozole and other delicious products. Learn more at www.laguadalupana.com